Software Development Samples

Applications I Have Developed In The Last Few Years

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File Comparison October 25, 2003
This program was written to aid the software analysts in the support department where I work.  When customers have a problem they can click on a button in the application to send a list of all the application files they have on their hard drive and the associated version numbers.  However, our software analysts lacked a tool to allow them to quickly and easily compare this file list against a known good version.  The tool I wrote would compare the two lists and highlight any missing files or files with incorrect version numbers.  Some time after the program was written it was updated to allow the drag and drop of files directly onto the form to specify the files to compare rather than requiring the browsing of a directory tree to locate the files.

File Comparison Source Files:

FileVersionCompare.vb - Main Source File

Metric Conversion December 29, 2003

This program was written between my first and second VB.NET classes just for fun.  The teacher recommended we tackle some programming task during our holiday break to practice what we learned in part one in order to prepare for the second class.


Metric Conversion Source Files:

Form1.vb - Main Source File

SQL Server Explorer May 22, 2004

This application was created to aid the software analysts in the support department where I work.  When we remotely connect to a customer's computer over the Internet they are quite often using the MSDE version of SQL that we include with our product.  Since this version does not include any graphical tools the analyst is reduced to using a command-line interface for all SQL queries and updates.  This is extremely time consuming and requires an expert knowledge of SQL queries and T-SQL commands.  This tool I wrote is only 500K in size and can easily be transferred to the customer's computer providing the analyst with a graphical environment to view and modify the SQL data.  I am currently working on a more full-featured version of this program which you can view here.

SQL Server Explorer Source Files:

Form1.vb - Main Source File

frmSQLServer.vb - This form allows the user to specify the SQL server and the logon credentials.  Apparently at this time I did not know how to pass variables to and from classes, the variables here are stored in a global module.

Differential Backup February 22, 2005

This tool was created for my own personal use on my home computer network.  I wanted a program that would create an exact duplicate of a section of my hard drive, only including files modified after a certain date and the folders containing those files.  Once I created the new copy of the directories containing these files I was going to archive the directory tree and then burn it to a backup CD.  The program is created to be highly flexible in terms of the destination medium, such as network drives, USB devices, or CD-RW disks.


Differential Backup Source Files:

frmMain.vb - Main Source File

frmCalendar.vb - Allows the user to specify a date

frmScanDrive.vb - Actually performs all the work and displays a progress bar

AuditFileOptions.vb - Asks the user to specify which audit trails to save to disk

Generic Access Database Search 11-2-2005

This program was written to aid the software analysts in the support department where I work.  Quite often during a customer call it was necessary to open an Access database on the network to view customer account details.  This would necessitate finding the file on the network, opening the file with Access, and then following a number of steps to search for the customer account.  My program would greatly simplify this entire process.  It was designed to remember the filename last used for a search, it would simultaneously search ALL columns for the desired string, and it supported file drag and drop onto the form to specify the file to be searched.


Generic Access Database Search Source Files:

Form1.vb - Main Source File

ConfigureTableStyle.vb - This class accepts as input a data table and data grid.  It will read the columns and rows in the datatable and will setup the width and datatype for each column in the tablestyle for the data grid on the form.

String Transformation Utility - 2006 through 2007

This application was designed to help analysts at work.  It is basically a generic string manipulation program.  In theory, anything you would want to do with a collection of strings, this will do.  If you have a list of names and social security numbers, you can easily with one click of a button strip off the names and change the social security numbers into a SQL query.  Once you have configured a transformation you can save that transformation in a configuration file.  If you regularly perform a number of different very specialized transformations during the work day, you can re-program the utility to perform a new transformation just by dragging and droppping the configuration file onto the window.

I had a great deal of fun with this one.  


String Manipulation Main Source File - Form1.vb
Free sample of version 3.4.2 - Sample

Persson Business Advisor - Ongoing project

This application is designed to be a multi-purpose "Swiss Army Knife" for small business.  It will incorporate many functions and produce a wealth of reports for the small business.  It is designed to be a very robust application.  At the present time it is written in VB.NET and the data is stored in SQL Server.  All of the SQL access is handled by .NET assemblies as are many of the common functions.  The first screen below shows some of the system configuration options, the second screen shows some of the data entry forms.  The color picker allows colors to be chosen for each type of function but in this example I have set the entire system to the "all gray" mode to avoid a technicolor nightmare.  Source code is not included due to the size of the application.  My eventual goal is to port the application to C# in the Mono development environment, allowing it to function on the Windows, Macintosh, or Linux platforms.