Regarding the ongoing saga that is Persson Technologies, the journey continues.  I just finished reading this basic guide to SEOhttps://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo

I am planning to refer back to it as a reference guide as time goes forward.  I have used the Yoast Plug-in on my business site to apply the first stages of SEO goodnesshttps://yoast.com/

The other aspect of SEO is to get my website published on other websites.  When I create websites for customers I intend to include a link to my business.  I am also hoping to start posting on small business websites, providing guidance to them regarding web development questions.  Links from Facebook and Twitter will also help.

Today is Christmas Day and 2016 is almost gone.  (I am sitting in the kitchen in the home of my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in Wooster, Ohio.)   What sort of adventures will 2017 provide?  I am hoping to create some free websites for customers in the first quarter of 2017 so I can build up my portfolio and have some customer testimonials on my website.  Hopefully by the first of April I can start charging for my work at a reduced rate.

The real unknown regarding my new business is whether or not I can acquire a steady stream of customers to keep me busy.  🙂 


Okay, so look at the table in this picture:

This was back when I was tearing apart televisions and rebuilding them.  That means this picture must be from around 1983.  I bought that table from a computer company that was going out of business, I believe they were around 102nd Street and Cicero in Oak Lawn.

Back in the Evergreen Park house this was down in my basement workshop.  When I had my apartment in Schaumburg and my townhouse in Rolling Meadows this was my dining room table.  When I was married the first time my stepsons used that table for their computers.  Here in our current house my wife Pam and I have been using this table for our computers and it has now moved into my office where I am starting my own company.

I was just thinking about the history of this table and it’s amazing how much of my life this table has witnessed.  If only it could talk it would have such wonderful stories to tell…..


So, I need to figure out the whole topic of themes, plug-ins, and colors.  Which colors can be combined together?  If Divi includes unlimited customizing options, why would I ever need another theme?  (Also if Divi is the only theme you will ever need, why does this company keep creating new themes?)  What are the pre-made Divi layouts and how do they appear?  If I can define the most common web layouts can I save them all as Divi layouts and import them with a single click of my mouse?  These are the questions on my mind at this moment.

Here are some popular color palettes: http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_palettes.asp

Here is an article concerning standard web page layout schemes: https://designshack.net/articles/layouts/10-rock-solid-website-layout-examples/

This year along with figuring out how to quickly create WordPress websites I also want to install WordPress on a remote Linux server using an SSH session (in case a customer ever needs this I want to have the experience) and I also want to create a simple website from scratch without using WordPress.  This will give me some great experience and I will also have a simple test website that does not use WordPress, PHP or MySQL.  This can be used to test the response time of hosting companies if the website is slow and the hosting company claims it is a configuration issue with WordPress or the database and my responsibility to fix.

By the way, in the previous entry I had complained about the response time with my server.  I have concluded this is purely a GoDaddy issue.  It was resolved, then became terrible, and then fixed itself without any changes on my part.


A few weeks ago my web server here slowed down to a crawl.  I deleted a few test websites and it seems to have settled down but I don’t quite know what that means or if this was even what fixed it.  I spent a great deal of money for this virtual machine and then spent even more money to increase the memory and also switched it to a dual core configuration.  If I cannot host more than three WordPress websites at a time on here I will be very upset.  I don’t have a ton of money to spend on this while my company is just starting.    🙁 

There was a notification that GoDaddy recommended I get my own dedicated server.  I checked and that would cost ten times more.  Please let me stay here!  I will try to behave!   😮

SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2016 – 22:36 – WE HAVE ARRIVED!

So – I just converted this website to the Divi theme.  I am learning all about Divi and it just made sense for my personal website to use this theme.  I need to immerse myself in everything that is Divi so I can learn all the features and become proficient in configuring them.

SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2016 – 12:18 – DIVI

Okay, so in the last post I was raving about the Genesis Framework. Here is what happens when you use a child theme with the Genesis Framework:

  1.  Find the setting you want to change in some file without knowing where it is.
  2. Change the setting on your copy of the file.
  3. Upload the file to the web site.
  4. Discover the file or setting was the wrong one.
  5. Go back to step one and start over.
  6. Once you find the correct setting in the correct file, keep tweaking the setting several times until you find the correct value you need, uploading the configuration file to the web server each time and refreshing the page.

I have made this sound worse than it is just to prove a point.  

Now, compare that with this revolutionary concept (look at the entire page), this is Divi!!!  http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/

Not only will this save me tons of time, it is half the price of the Genesis solution.  I will use Divi now to get my company off the ground.  I have discovered there is a plug-in called “Divi Builder” that can be used with all themes (including Genesis child themes) to customize them more quickly.

Getting the Divi Builder now with all the Elegant themes is only $250 whereas getting the themes with the Genesis Framework is twice the money so I will pursue that later if it is really needed.

Right now my mission is to get up and running with Divi as quickly as possible.  It seems to me (I could be wrong) that this could dominate the entire world of WordPress development because using this tool one can save so much time.  After all, time is money!

Note – all the Divi settings are stored in the web pages/posts  in the database so you do not need a child theme.  When the parent theme is updated the Divi parameters are not touched.  In theory this means that once you convert a theme to Divi you can never go back.  However, I believe I have a way to work around that limitation.


As it turns out, my company Persson Technologies will be using Project Genesis to create brave new worlds.

Yes, that is a reference to Star Trek but I am not joking. Instead of using the Genesis Torpedo (conceived by Kirk’s son and test detonated by the Admiral himself) we will be using the Genesis Framework.

By using this as our foundation for all WordPress websites we can use premium themes with features that far outshine plain themes. We will be able to develop websites for our customers faster and they will have more features.

This all sounds very exciting!


I think the web conversion was an almost nightmare.  There was no documentation, I had to talk to people on the phone three times and I kept getting the wrong information! 🙁

The first guy talked me into this new package.  Supposedly I was going to get two new servers.  I told him I wanted my two sites to be completely isolated so if I brought one down the other one would be fine.  He assured me they would be two completely separate servers.  I thought they were going to do this for me – setup the new servers, give me the new IP addresses.  Oh no, I had to do it all myself.  He said just setup new subdomains and you will be so happy and then he hung up.

So….I went into the control panels and poked around here and there and setup subdomain.philpersson.name and subdomain.perssontechnologies.com and it said it was setting up brand new servers and life was grand – with IP addresses!  😀

So I uploaded all my stuff to subdomain.philpersson.name and the server could not find the WordPress directory and after much fiddling around I changed a configuration file to force that server to subdomain.philpersson.name/WordPress and it worked!  (Well, then I had to restore the database to get all my content, I forgot that step.)

The following evening I called them and said okay, change DNS across the entire planet so philpersson.name points to the new server and delete the old server. Oh no, I had to do it all myself.

So this lady in Gilbert is talking me through this without seeing my screen.  I had to go into philpersson.name and disconnect it from DNS so the name and the IP address are no longer connected. In  the old hosting control panel under hosted domains the server that was philpersson.name was changed to old.philpersson.name (which is not a real domain).  However, this part took too long and she had to hang up.  She said when it is done just go into subdomain.philpersson.name (which now was just the new server, not a domain) and use the drop-down to connect it to your philpersson.name domain…..and then she hung up.

Well, that last step took HOURS.  I think it was 11:00 at night when I was struggling, going through an endless series of screens trying to find this mysteriuos drop-down to which she referred.  I finally found something (I went to the new subdomain and clicked settings) and modified it and went to bed.  Then the next morning I was very surprised that philpersson.name was being forced to subdomain.philpersson.name. 

You see…..I thought that half of the planet had philpersson.name pointing to the old server while part of the planet had it pointing to the new server while the new server might also be pointing to subdomain.philpersson.name.

On the way home that night I remembered the step a few paragraphs ago:  “I changed a configuration file to force that server to subdomain.philpersson.name/WordPress and it worked”

I could not find which of three configuration files I used to set this so I just overwrote all three.  (Of course, years from now I will have forgotten that I did all three and I will not be able to figure out why I cannot undo this change but that is another story.)

Then I started working on Persson Technologies.  I was able to get the main website up and running but  I could not install additional WordPress instances because it told me I was using a free hosting account.  🙁

I had to call GoDaddy once again and (because there was no documentation and they told me the wrong things) the domain was setup the wrong way. We had to blow away the entire site and then re-create it under PhilPersson.name.  😮

This is exactly what I wanted to avoid!  Now PerssonTechnologies is just a directory inside PhilPersson.name which is the main site.  🙁

I find this all very confusing at the moment.  Maybe in time I will get used to it.  So….the other thing is that in the future if I want to create more domains I can just add it to my current server.  That seems very cool, and I also have unlimited disk space. 😀

They said I can create up to 25 WordPress installations for testing purposes and in case I want to create customer test websites.

MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2016 – 22:18 – WHAT A RIDE!!!

Here we are on the other side – everything is now on the new server.  It was a rough ride but we made it here in one piece….at least as far as I know.  


Okay, so the default editor for WordPress is TinyMCE which I find very limiting.  I was using CKEditor which I thought was more advanced.  I have another test business site where I am using TinyMCE Advanced but I can’t get that working with this theme.  I have read great things about Ultimate TinyMCE but it will not work with recent versions of WordPress.  

So I read that the replacement for Ultimate TinyMCE is WP Edit which is what I am using now.  It comes with a totally new set of emoticons that are smaller.  

So at this point I really don’t know what to do.  There are too many choices and they all seem to work.  It’s just a matter of what I really want.

I think this should be the last blog entry before the move to the new server.  All the content here will need to be backed up so everything can be moved to the new home.  See you on the other side!  🙂


I did talk with GoDaddy today and we are taking the plunge.  Instead of having two accounts for my two web servers on old servers I will have one deluxe hosting account to manage both servers.  I used to be paying $5.99 per month for both accounts or $143 per year.  That would be $718 for five years for both accounts.  I took advantage of a special offer so for the first five years for this new account (both servers) I will be be paying $269.  This does not include the email on both servers which will still expire in a staggered fashion.  Persson Technologies will expire this year and this domain will expire in 2017 (as it was renewed last year for two years).  I am typing this all here so I can remember what I did.   Now I need to get all these various features on these servers ready for the upgrade.  I already removed several WordPress installations from this server.  Now here I just have one Joomla and one WordPress installation.  Over on the business server I have the main WordPress installation, one test installation of a customer site and I believe three sandboxes.  I believe the new account will use cPanel which I think is now the industry standard.  🙂 

So….I have a question regarding emoticons. 😕 🙂 😉    I am wondering if these emoticons were included with the editor I installed on this WordPress installation.  If so, if I install and activate a different editor will they all go away?  Will they return if I re-install the same editor?


Okay, so here we are in the new world.  This is the first blog entry in WordPress.  Did you notice the big change?  The blog entries below were from Joomla.  I think the conversion went quite well, all things considered!   😀 

How do you like the new emoticons?  😉 


The process of converting my personal web page from Joomla to WordPress is moving along nicely, I am tackling this in my spare time.  The plan right now is to just get something functional, I will customize it later.  I want it to all be in WordPress and I want Joomla gone before the move to the new server.  🙂
The largest hurdle will be getting the Joomla blogs working in WordPress with the graphics and the smiley faces.  After all, how can Joomla emoticons work in WordPress?  Hmmm?  I bet that is something you have never considered before.  
Of course, my plan is to move the Joomla emoticons over to the new server and use them with the Joomla blogs and then use WordPress emoticons for the WordPress blogs.  This 2016 blog will start out in Joomla and midstream will convert to WordPress.  I wonder how that will look????   😮 😮 😮


So I have good news and I have bad news.

This entire web site is going away.  Right now the web site is running on Joomla and it is on a certain server out in cyberspace.  Rumor has it that Joomla is going away and the server is going away as well. 😮 😮 😮

One must wonder what will be here in the future.  I will continue to blog here to see if this blog survives the trip to the brave new world.  I had wanted to get this site converted over to WordPress for the longest time.  GoDaddy is forcing the issue.  They are bribing me with a special deal to get me off my old web servers – both this site and also Persson Technologies.  I am hoping to take this opportunity to leave Joomla behind.  This also means that I can add a Joomla to WordPress conversion to my list of accomplishments.  🙂


I thought that I should start my blog in January so everyone can see that I am truly on the ball with my blog writing.  😉  However, it is true that there was no blog in 2015.  That doesn’t mean that nothing happened in 2015.

I was still reeling from the death of my favorite cat Jack when Butterscotch became very ill and we had to put him to sleep in December of last year.  He was going downhill and I didn’t want him to die on Christmas.  We used to have four cats, we are now down to one that is very high strung and we seldom see him.  He hides under the couch because he is afraid of everything.

My wife Pam is continuing to build her Young Living Essential Oils business.  These oils are amazing for so many reasons:

1.  They are quite often way less expensive than over the counter or prescription medications

2.  They are usually much more effective than over the counter or prescription medications

3.  They have no harmful side effects that are so common with over the counter or prescription medications

I am continuing to work on Persson Technologies.  The company is sort of in a holding pattern.  For years I tried to invent things that I thought the world needed but I had no idea how to market my ideas.  Now I have companies coming to me and offering money to build web sites for them..  We will see where this leads, right now it is too early to really know.

Here are the keys to business success.  Find something you are really good at that you enjoy and that people need and then do it to the best of your ability.  That sounds easy, doesn’t it?  The entire thing fits in one sentence.  🙂

It annoys me that I am learning to become a WordPress expert but my web site is stuck in Joomla.  This must be like the story of the cobblers’ children who went without shoes.

Did I mention that I am a certified Salesforce System Administrator or that I am now studying for my Linux System Administrator certification?

That is sort of where things are right now….