So…..I did a new thing this year that I never do, I bought myself an early Christmas present! This is a used (from 2012) Lenovo E530c laptop. I will be using this for Persson Technologies. I am using it right now to create this blog entry! 🙂

It is difficult to believe that 2018 is almost gone. I can remember a time when 2020 was half a century away and would never arrive. Now 2020 is just around the corner!

In other news, there is a new version of WordPress that was just released – you can read about it on the Persson Technologies website. It includes a brand new editor that totally changes how pages are constructed. I am using it now! I introduces the concept of blocks.

This new editor is not easy nor fast to use. I do not know why they made this change but at this point please put me down for a big vote of NO.

Here is some text in one column.

Here is more text beneath the laptop

Here is another column

  1. You need to know what you are doing
  2. The on-screen instructions are not clear
  3. The results of operations are not what was intended

I can see where this might be an improvement over the plain old editor but this is light years behind Divi!