I can remember a time when 2020 seemed like it was 100 years away, something we would never see.  I cannot believe it is almost 2018!  Where is my hover car and robot maid??

In my last blog entry I said I was going to display the recent changes to my business website.  Instead, I put the changes in a blog entry on that website, not this one.  You can find it here – http://perssontechnologies.com

I am at the car repair place getting my old car looked at.  Apparently some hoses had deteriorated and were leaking.  The car now has around 185,000 miles on it and is almost 14 years old.  This is the most reliable car I have ever owned!

I was recently looking at my blog from 2006.  How did I have so much time to type blog entries back then???  😮  😮  😮  😯