There was a time when I said I would never update my old ancient web pages to WordPress.  I have begun that journey now.  I just updated the home page of this website with new content, converted the “what’s new” page over to WordPress, and moved all the old blog entries (2006 through 2011) over to a special directory on the server.  I am trying to get all the ancient individual files out of the root folder of the server.  Some of these date back to 1999.  I just checked, there are over 1300 of them!

It is funny when I look back at my old blog entries.  In 2006 I was blogging all the time and in 2011 I barely blogged at all.  That might mean that I had more happening in my life in 2006 or that in 2011 I had so much happening that I did not have time to write about it.

Now that I am updating this website I should really get in the habit of performing weekly backups.  Backups are always a good thing.  Well, unless you run out of disk space.  😉

One concern I have in converting the 18-year-old content is that I do not have high resolution photographs at my fingertips.  As I recall when I created those pages I standardized all photographs to 800 pixels by 600 pixels.  That is seen as silly resolution now.  🙁

In other news, I was looking at some articles regarding the memory limits for the Windows operating system.  As we move forward into the future, the demand for memory increases.  These numbers are of course for 64-bit machines (32-bit machines can only address 4 GB of RAM):

  • Windows 7 home premium 16 GB
  • Windows 7 professional 192 GB
  • Windows 10 home 128 GB
  • Windows 10 professional 512 GB

Can you even imagine having a machine with a half Terabyte of RAM?  😮  I wonder if there are any motherboards out there that even support that much RAM?  I just did a quick check and the highest number I could find for a production motherboard was 128 GB.  Remember when Bill Gates proclaimed that 640 KB of RAM was more than anyone could ever possibly need?  😉