What’s New?

(What have you missed since the last time you checked here?)

04-10-2017  Added the page showing the process of building the Media Center desktop in 2014 and added a link for the page to the “Current Interests” page.

04-08-2017 Totally redesigned the “Phil’s Past Interests” page to move it over to WordPress with a surprise on the top of the page.

04-01-2017 Changed the home page to show a lightning show that will not work on mobile devices.  Converted this “what’s new” page over to WordPress.  Moved the old blog entries (2006-2011) to their own directory on the server as the first step in moving the dozens of files out of the root folder.

02-21-2016 Completely re-designing the web site to convert from Joomla to WordPress.  We will still be pointing to the old ancient web pages with pictures, at least for now.

10-07-2012 Added new page for 2012 computer upgrade.

04-22-2012 The photo galleries and sound page were broken due to problems with free Joomla plug-ins which would not work as advertised.  I do not have time to fool with them so I have pointed to the copies from the old web site.  I will modernize these at a later date when I get around to it.

04-01-2012 Upgrading the CMS from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5

03-25-2012 Added an MP3 player to the sounds page, added the beginnings of a 2012 blog

03-26-2011 Redesigning web site to work with a content management system (CMS)

05-15-2009 Added new pictures of kitten Gizmo, added updated pictures of Queen Creek House

03-12-2009  Added a page showing my latest computer upgrade, there is a link to it from the “Current Interests” page.

03-08-2009 Added a new page for the new kitten Gizmo and also added a new page for group photos of the four current cats

05-25-2008 Added new pictures of the cats to the three individual cat pages and also the comtemporaries page for Jack, Butterscotch, and Nero.

03-26-2008 Added the String Transformation Utility to the list of recent software projects I have done.  Linked the software projects page to the “current interests” page.  Updated the “current interests” page to indicate that old projects are not new projects.  Updated “professions” page to indicate I want to return to software development

01-13-2008 Added new pictures of Nero, including baby pictures and also teen-ager pictures. Added new pictures of him with his new brothers on their comptemporaries page, added a picture to Jack’s page of how he looks after he plays with the kitten all day.

06-24-2007 Added new pictures of Nero with his new brothers on their comptemporaries page

06-21-2007 Added page with pictures of new kitten Nero and also a comptemporaries page showing him with Jack and Butterscotch

06-13-2007 Added more pictures of home construction

06-01-2007 Added more pictures of my home construction, added pages showing the construction progress for the east and west sides of my neighborhood.  It is now four weeks until I close on my new house, assuming everything goes as planned.

05-02-2007  Finished the page showing the progress of my home construction to date

05-01-2007  Finished the page showing the model home for the house I am having built in Queen Creek.

04-28-2007  Added a link on the AZ Page to the apartment complex in Ahwatukee, added a new link on the houses page to the new house being built in Queen Creek – no pictures yet, but we have some blank pages to put the pictures now when I get around to it.

04-21-2007 Totally re-designing web site for new domain, combining five web sites into one and also putting back content that was previously deleted due to disk space limitations. The old web site allowed me five sites of 10MB each for a total of 50MB. In the new location, my entire web site will be in one place and I will have 100 times the disk space.

02-26-2006 Added a link to my new Blog for 2006

05-29-2005 Removed the page of “Our House” pictures since there is no more “Our House” since we are getting divorced.  Created a new “North Scottsdale Apartment” page in the Arizona section to show where I am living as a single guy with my cats.  This update was done with Microsoft Frontpage for the first time – Mozilla Composer had some bugs and was too difficult to use.

New pictures of Jack, Butterscotch, Midnight and all cats together.
Added page for 2004 Toyotas

Added pictures of the inside of Our House with our furniture and belongings

Added pictures of Jack, Midnight, Butterscotch, and all cats together

Added page for Jack.  Added page for pictures with Butterscotch, Midnight, and Jack together.  Added picture of  Butterscotch

Modified Pet Page to add updated text reflecting the date when Misha was put to sleep. Added the nickname to Butterscotch description, HuskyFluffer

Added pictures of Butterscotch, Butterscotch and Misha together, Butterscotch, Misha, and Midnight together

Moved pictures of Duron Motherboard Upgrade to another web space to solve quota problems – Cox was getting upset with me.  Also activated my sound files on another web space, the links on the main web space now lead to this new location.

Added more pictures of Midnight and Midnight with Butterscotch, added page of pictures with Misha, Butterscotch, and Midnight together

Added page of Midnight pictures and page for Butterscotch with Midnight

Added web page of recent motherboard upgrade, it can be accessed from current interests page.

Added pictures of Northeast Phoenix home.

Added pictures of Misha, Butterscotch, and the two of them together in Contemporaries section
Added dust storm page to Arizona section

Added pictures of new 2002 Saturns, fixed birth date for Butterscotch

Added more pictures of pool construction.

Moved web site to Cox
Added page for pool construction, added more pictures to AZ sunset page, added more pictures to Butterscotch page, added a page for Misha and Butterscotch together

In preparation for moving my web site to Cox, split it into three pieces – main, Arizona, and houses.

Removed page for North Phoenix home, added page for West Phoenix home.

Added page for North Phoenix home.

Fixed thumbnails on Gilbert page so they display large pictures

Added a pet page for Butterscotch.

Created Grand Canyon page.
Created Gilbert Page, have not yet linked thumbnails.
We received word that Excite@Home might be turned off today because they are bankrupt.  We use them to connect to the Internet so I was trying to get these changes implemented.

Fixed links on sounds page.  Long ago I deleted the sound files to save space.  I put the sound files on the Geocities web server but never fixed the links.
Added Arizona page with links to Phoenix Trip and Phoenix New Home pages.  Added links to Arizona Sunset Page, Gilbert Page, and Grand Canyon Page which have not yet been created.
Deleted pictures of Williamsburg home and LITH home to make more room.
Created Arizona Sunset Page.

Fixed links on two pages of pictures for Phoenix home and model.  Added pictures to Phoenix trip page for non-home related pictures from our second trip out there.

Added more pictures of new Phoenix home, added page of pictures for model.

Added more pictures of our trip to Phoenix.  Started a page covering our new home and move to Phoenix in May-June.

Added pictures of our trip to Phoenix, added a page for the Saturn LS2, fixed a problem on the Timmy page, a thumbnail was pointing to the wrong full sized picture.

Added pictures of Saturn – DRLs and under the hood.

Sharpened original pictures of Saturn, moved pictures of smashed Saturn from storm page to Saturn page, added pictures of fixed Saturn, added page for used Saturn SC2.

Added interior pictures of Kelmscott house.

Added a page for the Kelmscott model which we are purchasing.  We have given up on the Williamsburg.  Added pictures of exterior of house.

Added a couple of new pictures to Williamsburg page.
Added page to show damage from 5/18 storms.  My Saturn was smashed in the storm, so access the storms page by going to my Saturn page and clicking on the link to view the Smashed Saturn.

Added a bunch of pictures to Williamsburg page.

Added update to main page concerning home update.  Created first Williamsburg page with one picture.

Added new pictures of model home, replaced some cloudy pictures with sunny pictures

Added picture of Teri with me to show what size she was.

Added new pictures of model home, made existing pictures larger by scanning prints instead of using low resolution pictures from the Kodak floppy.

I have located some pictures of Teri and have quietly added them to my web site.  What I mean is, I am not going to tell
anyone (least of all my wife!).  When she was in my life, I think many people wondered why I wanted her around.  Some
people thought she was ugly, and my dad thought she was suicidal.  She was, however, part of my life and has just as
much right to be on my web site as anyone else does!

Also added more pictures to the Timmy and Misha Contemporaries page

Added a picture to the Timmy page.  Sharpened a picture on the Misha page and change size of thumbnail to standard.  Added page of pictures for multi-purpose control panel and placed link to it on past interests page.

Changed the portal page to point to the AOL web site.  Changed the main page of Mediaone to point to the portal.  I am now totally on AOL.  I hope that everyone can find me here.  Added Misha pictures

Updated sounds page and Andre page for two new sounds – Andre barking and me as a young lad.
Figured out how to get more disk space on AOL servers, uploaded sound files and re-enabled links on sounds page.  I will not perform any more updates until I kill the Mediaone site – it is too confusing having my web site in two places!

Uploaded web site to AOL servers.  Removed sound files to conserve disk space, had a hard time fitting all the pictures.  In testing the web site, found and fixed problems with links on parents page which MUST have been there in Mediaone version – updated parents page and updated on both servers.  Testing AOL version of web site.

Changed files on web page so they are MP3 format instead of ASF format.  They are about the same size, they are higher quality, and more people will be able to play them.

We are moving out of our home which means our cable will be turned off, which means we will not have Internet access through our cable company, which means this web site cannot exist where it currently is.  I am packing up the web site and getting ready for the big move!  It will be a roaming web site.  I am changing links on all pages so nothing points to Mediaone, our cable company.  I am changing the homepage to alert people there is a move in the works!

Added pictures and information relating to new house we are building in Round Lake Beach.  Removed pointers to my wife’s business which has been closed after one year of operation due to lack of sufficient customers.

Added animated GIFs to some pages to spice things up a bit – they’re fun!

Added an Andre page of pictures which can be accessed from the pets page.

Added pictures and pages for 1995 Plymouth Voyager and 1999 Saturn SL2.

Added pictures to Anton page.

Finished redesign of all pages, removed vacation pictures – web site is now down to 3MB after having been 10MB.

Began changing the way that thumbnails are generated to save disk space.  Thumbnails were getting confused – pictures of forests were changing into old buildings, pictures of cats were turning into horses.  Something had to be done.  Things will be confused here for a while.  Finished web pages anton.html thru koleen.html, and misha.html.  Forgot about 6000ste.html

Added additional content to past interests page.  Added pictures of 1976 Volare wagon and crash, 1983 Chrysler Town and Country Wagon, and 1984 Pontiac 6000 STE.

Added pictures for Wisconsin vacation with Koleen to North Woods and Madison.

Totally changed main page, added cars page, current interests page, past interests page, history page, and professions page, removed all this information from home page and added pointers on main page to these new pages..  Move index of important people to main home page, deleted “People” page.

Added high-resolution pictures of Timmy.  These are the only pictures I have of him from my Advantix camera.
There were other pictures taken of him using this camera which were destroyed.  These pictures were also
thought to be forever lost, but were recently located when I was searching for something else.  On the
subject of items being destroyed, his voice was digitally recorded and those files are thought to be
forever lost – if you never see his voice on here, that is why.
Added underscores between thumbnails on all web pages to force spacing between them.  I kept adding
tabs between them and whenever I published the web page it would delete the spacing between
the thumbnails and run them together – drove me crazy!  I don’t have time to experiment with the
“correct” way of doing it, but the underscore seems to work.
Added a “return to home page” selection to most pages so if people are several levels down they
can easily return to the top level.

Added high-quality stereo recording of me and my mother to sounds page

Added a page of sounds
Added an FAQ page for the sound format
Added a page for my dad (Anton Persson) and put a token picture out there for now
Added a link for the sounds page to Anton, Mildred, and Grandparents pages.
Added references to Koleen’s business web site.

Added a couple of pictures of Timmy
Added a couple of pictures of my parents
Changed the size of thumbnails on pages to make them of a more uniform size – in some cases the clarity was affected, but
the full-size picture will still look the same.  I thought the thumbnails looked sloppy, and I found a simple way to resize them.
There’s not much time now to work on the web page, so updates are likely to be infrequent….

Added this updates page so people can tell what changed since the last time they surfed here.
Added a page of pictures of my wife Koleen.
Added pictures of my “oldest friend” Keith to the friends page.
Added pictures of my mother at my wedding to the Mildred page.
Added pictures to Misha and Timmy contemporaries page.

Added a page of pictures for my mother Mildred who recently passed away.
Added more pictures of my parents together to the parents page.
Added a contemporary page for Andre and Peter in the pets section.

This web site, which I had wanted to create for a LONG time, was finally created because Timmy, who was my favorite
cat (don’t tell Misha that), died.  I wanted to get some pictures of him out on the web as a way of working through the
grief I was feeling.  There were several updates between 2/8/99 and 3/5/99, but I was not tracking updates at the time.