Queen Creek Lantern Fest 2017


This event took place on the evening of Saturday April 29, 2017 at Schnepf Farms

In this first series of pictures we can see people getting ready for the main event.  They had fire pits located on the property.  In our kit we had all the supplies to roast marshmallows and we had graham crackers and chocolate to make s’mores.  The metal poles in the ground were torches that were lit after the sun went down.  They said that around 5500 people attended the event.


Below I am including a movie showing the crowd, a close-up of one of the fire pits where we roasted our marshmallows, and a picture of the crowd as the sun was going down.  Pam caught a picture of me roasting my marshmallow!

Getting Dark

It was finally dark and it was time to light our lanterns and watch them float into the sky.  These are made of rice paper and the fuel cell in the bottom is lit to provide heat.  Hot air rises so this is basically a very small hot air balloon.  The trick is to simultaneously hold the balloon in the air and light the fuel cell without setting the whole thing on fire.  If you let go too soon it can all go sideways and your balloon can go up in flames – which happened to some people.  Some of these balloons were very stubborn and just would not become airborne!

In the first video below Pam caught me releasing my sky lantern.  Once mine was gone then I grabbed my phone and recorded the remaining videos below.

To finish out the night they had fire dancers at the main stage to entertain the crowds.