I do not know if this is really true but in my case I believe it has come time to transition away from these huge desktop machines.  Therefore it is my plan and goal to make this session the last time I build a desktop machine.


Here are some thoughts:

  1. They weigh a ton and are clumsy to transport
  2. They collect all sorts of dust and dirt that clog up the filters, heat sinks, and fans
  3. They pour out a large volume of heat (not good in the desert)
  4. They suck up a great deal of electricity
  5. They keep breaking and are difficult and costly to repair

Now, the desktop machine referenced above had a quad core processor with 8 GB of RAM and a super-duper video card with 4 GB of RAM.  Altogether the machine had 12 GB of RAM.  That Media Center machine is being replaced with a Raspberry Pi with only one GB of RAM.  I don’t understand how this is even possible but it is working!


Here are the possible replacements for huge desktop machines:

That then is what I would like our future to be.  Of course, there are always laptop machines as well.