So….earlier this year I was going to start a new trend of more frequent blog entries.  We can see how this turned out, it is almost Halloween and I have not typed anything since April!

I am still working on my business, Persson Technologies.  I thought I would be ready to start working on customer sites this year but it has been an uphill battle.  I worked with a friend to learn all about photographic portfolios and how to configure them.  Then I was going to start a multi-week tutorial on how to create shopping cart sites but was sidetracked when I received a notice from my hosting provider that my site had been hacked with malware.  That started me on a multi-week tutorial on WordPress website security and now I have discovered my website is too slow so I will be starting a multi-week tutorial on website optimization.  Someday I hope to get back to my WooCommerce tutorials.   🙂 

In the meantime as I am learning new things I am blogging about them on my business website.  It has been said the best way to learn a topic is to teach it so as I am blogging about these things I am solidifying my knowledge, creating a reference resource that I can utilize in the future, and making myself look really smart.   😉 

In working through the security tutorials I discovered that although I spent $150 for my SSL certificate that expires in two years, there is a free SSL certificate available that automatically renews every 90 days.  However, my current hosting provider (GoDaddy) does not offer this as an option.

I have been reading reviews on SiteGround and I am thinking of moving my business site over there for a few reasons:

  • They have received better reviews regarding customer support
  • The speed looks better in the tests I have seen
  • I believe my customers would love having a free SSL certificate and saving hundreds of dollars
  • At some point a customer will want me to move a website to a new hosting company and I could benefit from this experience

However, this is just another reason why I do not believe Persson Technologies will be ready for an “official” launch in 2017.  It seems there is always more to learn and in my mind these are just the basics.  I am constantly receiving emails from the Elegant Themes company regarding the changing world of WordPress.

I do believe however that my company is moving in the correct direction.  WordPress is taking over the web and Divi seems to be at the forefront of the new technologies.  In time I also plan to learn other similar technologies as my company starts to bring in some money.  😀