Upon reviewing the 7-part tutorial we have provided on the Persson Technologies website for our customers some might think we are giving away knowledge for free.  Won’t this allow people to create their own websites?

While this might be partially true these tutorials do not detail the steps required to initially create the website and are instead written with the understanding that Persson Technologies has already created the site.  From my point of view, these tutorials could be seen as a form of advertising.  Consider these points:

  • Upon seeing how much is involved and how much knowledge is required many business owners will just hire us as they want to concentrate on running their business.
  • Reviewing our tutorial and the experience and quality we provide might cause some people to hire us over another company.
  • It is possible these articles might be enough knowledge to get people started but they will be in over their head and will hire Persson Technologies to fix their site.
  • For some this will serve as proof that we care for our customers and want them to be successful.