As I mentioned in my last post, I am creating blog entries and tutorials on the Persson Technologies website.  Originally my thought was to put customer tutorials into Word files and email them out to customers.  However, I wanted to be platform independent and not tied to Microsoft Office.  Then I thought it would be so cool to put all my tutorials on the website.  This will give me more practice using the blogging feature in WordPress.  Then I can just shoot a URL to a customer when they need help with a specific feature.  As a result, Persson Technologies is now 100% on Linux.  😀 

I now have official business cards for my business.  They turned out darker than what I wanted them to be.  Next time I am thinking of using a white background but I still want a double-sided card.  I think it seems more professional with two sides.

Business Card Front 2017
Business Card Back 2017

I have three customers right now for Persson Technologies and I will be working on their websites for free as a learning experience and then adding them to my testimonials and portfolio collection.  My manager at my day job said that no company would want to hire me to work on their website if they were my very first customer.  I need to get a few websites completed so that prospective customers can see my work and test drive sites I have created.

Things are also changing at the Apollo Education Group which was recently sold to an investment group and is no longer publicly traded.  Everyone who works at Apollo is being moved to one of the subsidiaries.  These include the University of Phoenix, the College for Financial Planning, Western International University, and Apollo Global.  However, WIU is closing.  My entire department has moved to UOP.  My job is changing so that during the day I am a level three software support analyst (mostly finding and fixing data corruption issues in Oracle databases) and each afternoon I am learning how to use Visual Studio 2017 to create MVC web applications using a Microsoft SQL server backend.

I was planning to create an application at home using Visual Studio 2017 with MVC and Microsoft SQL server but it seems there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all the projects I would like to tackle.  I also need down time to chill out and de-compress so I don’t get burned out.  I believe it is extremely important to maintain balance in life!