So I thought that perhaps the year was half over.  If there are 12 months in the year wouldn’t that mean that on July 1st we are on the 7th month?  I just checked on the web and they said today is day 136 and there are 229 days remaining in this year.  How can that be true??  Okay, I just went to another site and they claim today is the 195th day and there are 170 days remaining.  That makes more sense!  I was thinking of this because I thought it was sad that 2018 is over half gone and this is my first blog entry of the year.

I am continuing to work on Persson Technologies.  I have created websites for a number of people but none of them have gone to production.  I am also experimenting. learning, and creating some great blog articles on that website.  These serve a few purposes, most of which I covered in a blog post I did here on April 8th of last year titled “Too Much Information?”.  However, these articles will also be a great reference guide for me.

I was going to use some classes to gain a ton of knowledge.  I had planned to start with a CSS class, then take a PHP class, then a Javascript class, and finish it by going through a tutorial on how to create my own WordPress themes.  I still want to accomplish all those goals but I don’t think it will be this year.  I was able to get through the CSS class but I think I will pause to digest all the knowledge I gained from that experience.  I never imagined CSS encompassed such a large chunk of the web design world!  There are so many things you can do!

I just thought I would type a quick entry here while I was thinking of it in case anyone thought I had fallen off the face of the Earth.  😉